Are Online Degrees Credible?

Factors that determine whether an online degree is credible or not


Due to technological innovations, most of the world’s education has transitioned online. However, most people still doubt the credibility of an online degree compared to that received in person. An online degree can be credible and at the same time a fake. As much as there are universities offering genuine online degrees, some are just degrees or diploma mills. These fraudsters are taking advantage of the ever increasing number of education hungry internet savvy individuals to get money.


Only those institutions that have met the required level of quality as far as higher education is concerned can get accredited. There are regional education accreditation agencies as well as academic and professional agencies. Before you register for an online degree, ask the school to provide their document of accreditation as proof of their legitimacy.

The type of degree

Some degrees will go well if studied online but some will not. It is just common sense that certain fields require a candidate who has been exposed to an internship, apprenticeship as well as a real life practical. For example, most employers will not take an online degree in medicine or phlebotomy serious. Other programs, on the other hand, are very receptive to online degrees. For instance, the internet/ media, education, business and management studies can be effectively studied online.

The reputation of the school

The reputation of the school matters a lot due to the existence of online degree mills. Such schools do not invest in or value quality education; instead, they just sell the degrees. It is, therefore, advisable that you get your online degree from a well-established institution of higher learning. In order to ensure that you are not paying for a fake degree, check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Red flags that indicate that an online degree is not credible

jku5When selecting a degree online, you need to be very cautious. It is good that you, at least, know how to distinguish a credible from a non-credible degree. Below are signs that an online school is not real,


  • The school refuses to accept federal aid
  • They list numerous regional accreditation agencies
  • No mention of a physical address or even a headquarter
  • They promise you to graduate and get your degree certificate in no time
  • They do not put more emphasis on students interacting with lecturers or even having mid-semester meetings.
  • They rarely have alumni networks


Online learning has provided a lot of flexibility and convenience. In addition, to that, you do not have to compromise quality. All you need to do is know how to select an online school that offers credible degrees.