Choosing Driving Instructor

You can make the difference between driving test success and failure if you choose your driving instructor well. If you are learning to drive, or you know someone out there, first you need to choose keendrivers brentwood. You will not find the process a straightforward one. There are several factors you need to consider.

How to choose driving instructor

Where to start

The right place to start your search is the internet. In facfvctg26y7u238ua7gt27t, it is the best way of finding and comparing driving instructors. There are popular driving schools out there. However, personal recommendations from family and family are great. You should choose a good instructor before parting with your cash. If you get free or trial lessons, take them. They can be a real test to check whether you are comfortable with them before giving out your money.


Price is a very important factor. This is because most people do not want to drain their bank accounts just to enroll in a driving school. The instructor you choose should offer standard fees for driving lessons. It is advisable to take lessons of two hours daily. In this way, you will get more into the swing of how things are. Never pay astronomical fees for driving lessons, though. You are free to shop around.

Instructor’s qualifications and ability

You should not pay your hard-earned cash to any instructor. Rather, ensure you pay only approved driving instructor. Fully driving instructors have a badge to show the same. You have a right to assess the instructor’s ability to teach.

Trainee instructors

You can pay less if you want services of trainee driving instructors. However, you should note that the cutting cost sacrifices on the experience of the instructor. This is necessary to strike the balance. If you have adequate confidence, then the trainee may be ideal for you. But if you are a nervous student, then you need a more seasoned instructors. This is because they have sufficient evidence to deal with jittery students like you.

Pass rate

The pass rate of instructor may not be necessary as you might think. You fvcr2t2ta56t76y26ay7need to understand how the pass rate is calculated. You need to know how many lessons are provided too.


You are likely to pass your test if you are conversant with the car. It is advisable to undertake your lessons in a car that has dual controls. This means that if something wrong happens, your instructor intervenes easily.