5 Solid Reasons The Indian Railways In A Good Employer

Any student that has successfully passed out from college seeks a job that provides them with some form of assurance and career growth. For this to happen, most of them opt to work in the rail industry. One stand to gain a lot more from working in the Indian railways. Here are other reasons railway jobs in India are in high demand.

Good salaries

When looking for a job, most people are drawn to the DSSsZszdDcSDjob by the paycheck. As much as you might be looking at other things like career growth, you should also have a job that allows you to live a comfortable life. After all, life is meant to be enjoyed. As per Indian standards, the Indian railway pays decent salaries, which are also expected to rise after the 7th pay commission.

Free housing

The railway sector offers free housing to most of its employees. However, these houses are mostly in those railway colonies. However, if you have an alternative place to stay, you can always trade this houses with a decent house allowance. Close to half of all people working in the railway industry stay in these homes.

Many careers opportunities

The Indian railway is one of the largest organizations in this country. As such, there will always be lots of opportunities in this organization. As an employee, you get to advance your career and also acquire some transferable skills in other areas. Moreover, you will always find opportunities to climb the career ladder during your tenure there.

Good working environment

How can one tell whether an organization is good or not? One way to tell this is by looking at the attrition rates, or how many people resign from a given job. In the Indian railways, the attrition rates barely get to 5% meaning that most employees are satisfied.

Job security

DSSsZDcSDAs much as the salaries offered by the Indian railways are not the best, you are assured of having your job as long as you would want. So, you do not have to be worried about the possibility of losing your job anytime soon. Not just that, railways staff are also pensionable. Technically, this implies that your financial future is also sorted.

There is a lot more that one stands to gain from working in the Indian railways than the benefits provided here. You are assured of having anything you would want as employees. Their payment schemes are quite elaborate. Thus, if you okay with the salary, there is nothing else you can complain about.